*💥 BREAKING: 🛫 Plane of Missing Soccer ⚽ Player Emiliano Sala Is Found in the English Channel*

The wreckage of the plane that vanished with the footballer Emiliano Sala on board has been found within hours of a search starting in the sea off the Channel Islands.

A search boat hired privately by Sala’s Argentinian family – thanks partly to a crowdfunding appeal – located the wreckage on Sunday morning.

The crew passed the details of the location on to government investigators, who used a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) to examine the spot.

There was no immediate official confirmation of what was found but the shipwreck specialist leading the private investigation, David Mearns, said the plane had been discovered.

No information about whether any bodies were in the plane was given. Two seat covers from the aircraft washed up last week on the coast of France.

UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) will probably make a statement on Monday.

The Piper Malibu N264DB carrying 28-year-old Sala


People who criticized my twerking video are hypocrites -Anita Joseph

The actress recently posted a video of her twerking and it went viral. Many criticized her for the video.

She told Sunday scoop “I don’t care about people who say negative things about the video. Nollywood made me and I am grateful to the industry. All those who criticized me are hypocrites some of them still use my videos and pictures to help themselves. They have it on their laptops and phones. Despite all the noise two companies recently signed me as a brand ambassador. I will continue to do what I know how to do best.

Comedian Ay claims to be the founder of the dance “zanku”.

Many people believed that the Zanku dance was made popular by Zlatan ibile not until Ay claimed otherwise. He said “Anytime the prophet Ay comes on stage, he does the Zanku dance “, he proved this with a video. That is prophet ay credit’s, the origin of zanku to be started by AY live.

Following the video posted on his Instagram page, there were speculation that the comedian was aiming to get credit for the popular dance. “I am not contesting for it (zanku) with anybody. I just called people’s attention to it jokingly for them to know that I did a similar dance long ago”, say the comedian.

Nigerian musician Davido has proven those that doubted him wrong as he shows evidence that his concert at 02 arena london was sold out

Davido eventually becomes the second artiste to sell out the 02 arena following wizkid who was the first nigerian artiste to do so. However some claimed that unlike wizkid davido event was only attended by 17000 people and did not actually sell out the venue.

He decided to prove to his fans that he did it by sharing a message where the 02 arena customer service center confirmed that he indeed sold out the venue.